Purline ® Marinela White, Wood stove 7Kw to 12 Kw , convection effect, ceramic clay color.

 Marinella White by PURLINE®  is a wood stove, in steel,  curved lines an a wonderful finishing,  ideal for 70-140 m²


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Data sheet

Power8 à 12 KW
Double combustion YES / NOYes
Clean glass YES / NOYES
Refractory brickOUI
Logs dimension35 Cm

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Marinela White by PURLINE® is a modern stove, Kw to 12 Kw 7 an impeccable finishing.

Marinela is part of the last born of the range of modern wood stoves distributed by PURLINE® indeed the production of this wood stove began 4 years ago, since then, many improvements have been made on it and this version is 3rd with this name.

Marinela was thought to arrive on the market with a reasonable price and itsperformance and style competes directly with the major brands.
View the quality and performance of the stoves it is common to find these wood stoves with price from € 3000.

MARINELA has a niche that can be used to keep warm cups or simply moisten your room by putting simply a water.
In the lower part of MARINELA, is a magnetized door where you find a large ashtray - this is a mechanical system to force the stove to drain it self from the ashes during operation.
In fact, this what makes the stove to works better is the flow of air into the combustion chamber. During operation of it, the ash can accumulate in the lower part of the combustion chamber, despite the fact that you have the grid ashtray there, sensible evacuate the ashes in the ashtray. This is often the case in late outbreak.
On Marinela the grid of the ashtray is round in cast iron and mechanized. Pulling the pull tab located outside you turn the gate of the ashtray, thereby precipitating the ash in the ash, and improving air flow in the combustion chamber.

Opening the high stove door, equipped with a cool handle, you get access to the combustion chamber, it is immediately striking is the thickness of steel used, 4 mm on the doors. The curved door is an amazing quality, steel amounts are rounded up perfectly, and the hinges have no games despite the door is removable you can feel the quality of the fit, and cuts in laser metal elements.
The bottom of the fireplace is cast iron, and combustion chamber walls are lined with vermiculite bricks protecting the stove of a sudden rise in temperature and restoring the accumulated heat to stop burning stove. The combustion chamber is equipped with dual combustion system, all elements can be disassembled for cleaning or change them if necessary.

The door is equipped with seals on the heat-resistant glass ugnifuge and the periphery thereof. The door is equipped with a spring for closing the power thereof which itself weighs more than 15 Kg! The stove is equipped with the clean glass system to enjoy the view of constantly flames.

On the upper part is a niche covered with this very thick ceramic with rounded edges of a magnificent off-white. This niche will allow you to ask one container to keep warm to wet your parts, or simply a cup of coffee.

On the top of the stove, two very thick ceramics (over 1.5 cm) custom made, reveal the removal of pans and two rounded openings on each side of the stove.
Marinela is designed for generating a convection in your parts, and, quite naturally.
Effect of Convection but how and why?

Marinela is designed with a double wall around the combustion chamber. This double wall is composed, on one side of the fireplace is hot and which causes the warm air upward, and the other side of the ceramic, which leads the colder cooler air down.
Escaping from the two openings located on the top of the stove, the hot air creates a movement of air which promotes homogenization of the hot air in your room. Marinela is not a simple wood stove that heats by radiation but also by convection, which allows him to ride in the temperature of your pieces faster.
In so doing, ceramics have another advantage, they allow, in case of accidental contact with the stove, to avoid serious consequences that could contact a cast iron or steel pan.
Another side effect of the ceramics and made the distance to combustible martial during installation is greatly reduced as normalized to 40 cm

On the evidence with this level of quality requirements, the designers of the wood stove Marinela could not use poor combustion chamber, so he used a combustion chamber that has been demonstrated, receiving CE and DIN PLUS, using the double as combustion technology and getting a no less remarkable performance of 75.75%, which is well beyond what is required by our certifiers friends green flame ..

The set is elegant, ultra neat, the glass is rather large which will admire your problem without lights.

Marinela is easy to install, the output is 150 mm from the top making it simple to connect. Once installed, you can use 35 Cm Buches.

In conclusion, Marinela is a seriously designed stove to quickly heat the surfaces of 70-140 sqm, elegant and modern, and reliable technique, he will convince the most demanding of you.

Characteristics :

Wooden Power: 9 Kw to 12 Kw

Recommended size: 90-120 m²

Emission Co²: Wood 0.1085

Efficency: 75.62% Wood

Dust (mg / m3): 69.7 Wood

Consumption (Kg / h): 2.34 Bois

Finish: dark gray coated steel, white ceramic, heat-resistant glass, refractory brick, cast iron ashtray

Smoke exit diameter: 130 Cm

Dimensions Cm: Width: 54 / Depth: 51.8 / Height 113.3 Cm

Combustion Chamber Dimensions: Width: 38.2 / Depth: 28.3 / 38 Cm Height Cm 35 Buches

System clean glass: Yes

Weight: 120 Kg

Distance of materials: Sides 25 Cm / 80 Cm Front / Rear 25 Cm

Certification: CE EN13240 // К-13-2010-1879-EN DIN PLUS (German standard)

Manufacturing: European.


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Marinela White, Wood stove 7Kw to 12 Kw , convection effect, ceramic clay color.

Marinela White, Wood stove 7Kw to 12 Kw , convection effect, ceramic clay color.

 Marinella White by PURLINE®  is a wood stove, in steel,  curved lines an a wonderful finishing,  ideal for 70-140 m²


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