Purline ® K1, 9 Kw wood stove, efficient, time-tested.

K1 from PURLINE® is a wood-burning stove, made of steel for 75 to 110 m²


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Data sheet

Power8 à 12 KW
Double combustion YES / NOYes
Clean glass YES / NOYES
Refractory brickOUI
Logs dimension35 Cm

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K1 from PURLINE® is a wood stove, 9 Kw is a simple and terribly efficient wood stove.

K1 is one of the first wood stoves distributed by PURLINE®, in fact the production of this wood stove began more than 15 years ago, since then, improvements have been made, this version is the 3rd of the name .

K1 was designed to bring a wood stove to the market which is a first price, but with interesting performances. This k1, does not bother with technologies, it is simple, and despite this, the combustion chamber brings 76% yield which is frankly a very good figure, some very big brands do not do better with prices at 4 Numbers!

Let's see together what makes K1 is a wood stove that gets such remarkable performance.

From an aesthetic point of view, K1 is of a Basic finish and the epoxy paint of dark gray color is of a very good invoice.
The wood stove is wider than deep, it accepts logs of 35 Cm.
On the top of the stove is a steel structure that covers the 4 sides of the stove giving a well finished appearance.
Finally in the lower part we find a range logs which will allow you to store wood for the evening.

From the technical point of view, K1 has a primary air inlet and, for lighting, you can play without problem with the ashtray that can serve as an ignition booster if you have emptied it.
In addition, the flue outlet is equipped with a flap, which will allow you to play on the draft in order to accelerate or slow down the combustion of the wood.
A double adjustment system allows very precise combustion and allows you to save wood.

On the other hand, k1 is equipped with the clean glass system, convenient because it allows to keep the glass of the stove "clean" longer than normal.
On the other hand, the focus of K1 using the double combustion system is clad with vermiculite refractory bricks. These bricks have two important functions: the first is to protect the steel which makes up the stove from a too rapid rise in temperature and the other to have an inertia effect in order to extend the heat capacity of the stove itself At the end of the outbreak.

The first point is essential because steel is more sensitive than melting to deformation during a rapid rise in temperature. Steel stoves are all the more sensitive because they are welded, in case of bad protection, it is the welds which receive the deformations, the latter finishing by yielding making dangerous the use of the stove.

This is why all stoves, except Eco Cook which is in double wall, have refractory bricks to protect the structure of the wood stove.

K1, has a door with a flame retardant seal, ensuring perfect sealing of the combustion chamber. When opening the stove door, you will have to the combustion chamber in which the refractory bricks and cast iron grille of the ashtray will be within your reach. The ashtray located below the hearth of the stove, is large can receive large amounts of soot.

All parts can be disassembled for cleaning or changing if necessary.
With the use of the K1, the K1 is easy to install, the 130 mm exit is made from the top it is simple to connect. Once installed, you can use Buches up to 35 Cm.

In conclusion, K1 is an effective, simple, spartan, but terribly efficient stove of a price ratio very complicated to equal.

Characteristics :

Power Wood: 9 Kw from 75 to 115 m²

Emission of Co²: Wood 0.357

Yield: Wood 75.81%

Dust (mg / m3): Wood 59.7

Max consumption (Kg / h): Wood 2.76

Finishing: Heat resistant glass gray epoxy steel, refractory brick, cast iron ashtray, wooden handle and knobs.

Smoke outlet diameter: 130 Cm

Dimensions Cm: Width: 44,6 / Depth: 39,6 / Height 75,3 Cm

Dimension Combustion chamber: Width: 39.2 / Depth: 27.7 / Height 37 Cm

Clean glass system: Yes

Weight: 64 Kg

Distance of materials: Dimensions 40 Cm / Face 80 Cm / Rear 35 Cm

Certification: CE EN13240 // BlmSchV-2 DIN (German standard)

Manufacture: European.


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K1, 9 Kw wood stove, efficient, time-tested.

K1, 9 Kw wood stove, efficient, time-tested.

K1 from PURLINE® is a wood-burning stove, made of steel for 75 to 110 m²


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