Purline ® wood burning range cooker 12 Kw, Malina briquette by Purline, Cast iron fireplace

Malina, an extraordinary cooker, with an incredible efficiency of inovations 12 Kw, with Classic lines, woods of 40 Cm for 160 m ².


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Power8 à 12 KW
Double combustion YES / NOYes
Clean glass YES / NOYES
Refractory brickOUI
Logs dimension35 Cm

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Malina the Queen of a Wood, coal or wood 12 kW, modern with large oven, 89% exceptional performance a design with a cast iron shirt, a product for life.

Malina is an exceptional wood stove in more ways than one. Under its old look, hides a monster of efficiency, and an ultra efficient oven, a pleasure in your kitchen.

Two things are surprising with Malina, the large glass doors, revealing a gaping oven but also letting out a very high combustion chamber, which makes it possible to see the flames almost completely.

The second thing that is surprising is the baking tray that covers 100% of the stove so that it has a baking plan of 107 cm wide by 66 cm deep which is huge. Obviously, the temperature just above the combustion chamber is not the same as the temperature on the flue gas side, but it is still possible to use the entire cooking Intelligent way.

From a technical point of view Malina is a permanent surprise. If you look closely at the rear of the range, you can see that the flue outlet is possible from the top (picture), but also from the right rear, which gives different installation possibilities.

The hob gives access to the combustion chamber, which allows loading from the top. This same whole plate is removable, which allows a very simplified maintenance of the range.

When you open the doors, you see an incredible finish quality. Thermal seals around the doors and around the heat-resistant windows are visible at all points.

Even more amazing, the combustion chamber. This combustion chamber was made on request by PURLINE, because originally refractory bricks were apparent and did not bring the yield sought by Purline.

The combustion chamber is cast for this combustion chamber, it is therefore a casting chamber of cast iron, of impressive quality, and for the account, it brings a yield of 89%! The performance of a pellet stove !!

Malina has an important trick, the smoke evacuation system. Indeed, the difficulty of designing a good wood stove and having a homogeneous temperature in the oven.
There is therefore a difficulty because the combustion chamber is positioned on the side, it is necessary to try to have little difference in temperature between the wall where there is the combustion chamber and the outer wall opposite.
The same problem arises between the upper part of the furnace and the lower part because the fumes released by the combustion chamber are hot and naturally evacuate from the top.

Malina is designed so that 80% of the exhaust fumes pass through the bottom of the oven. This allows the furnace to be wrapped by the evacuation fumes. This makes it possible to keep the oven at a homogeneous temperature.
Underneath the oven, an inspection door is provided to clean the soot generated by the smoke passing through the exhaust pipes to the outlet of the cooker.

Oven side, the latter is 100% enamelled, and has a very large dimension, Width 350 mm x Depth 470 mm x Height 270 mm. The same care of the finishes was provided here, with joints everywhere or it is necessary.

Lower, two doors often on a very large ashtray, under the combustion chamber, but also a storage box under the oven. These two gates are also lockable

The oven has a thermometer to check the temperature inside the oven, allowing you to refine the draft of the stove according to the temperature you are looking for.

You have 2 settings to control the combustion and the temperature of the oven. The primary draft, located on the door of the ashtray, the outlet flap on the outlet of the flue gases, and finally the circulation of the smoke around the furnace, making it possible to heat the latter.

Finally, the finish of Malina is gray veined stone, giving the whole an impressive quality of finish.

Here is a cook with amazing arguments with surprising quality of assembly, this cooker clearly has nothing to envy has cooks of Italian brand, but has prices that have a ready nothing to see there.

A Chaudière version is available on the site.

Characteristics :

Power Wood: 11 kW

Power Charcoal, briquettes: 12 kW

Recommended surface area: 100 to 160 m²

Emission of Co²: Wood 0.051

Yield: Wood 89%

Dust (mg / m3): Wood 0.021

Max consumption (Kg / h): Wood 5.22

Finish: Epoxy steel, light gray veined stone, cast iron plate, combustion chamber Cast iron, heat resistant glass, cast iron ashtray.

Smoke outlet diameter: 150 Cm top / rear right.

Measurements Cm: Width: 107 / Depth: 66 / Height 86.5 Cm

Dimension of the oven: W x D x H: 35 x 47 x 27 cm

Buches of 40 Cm


Weight: 210 Kg

Certification: CE EN12815: 2001: 2007

Manufacture: European.


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wood burning range cooker 12 Kw, Malina briquette by Purline, Cast iron fireplace

wood burning range cooker 12 Kw, Malina briquette by Purline, Cast iron fireplace

Malina, an extraordinary cooker, with an incredible efficiency of inovations 12 Kw, with Classic lines, woods of 40 Cm for 160 m ².


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