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Purline ® Bioethanol Gel12B by PURLINE®, 12 bottles of 500 Ml of bioethanol gel Premium!

Bioethanol Gel12B by PURLINE®, 12 bottles of 500 Ml of bioethanol gel Premium!

High bioethanol content (99%).


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Bioethanol Gel12B by PURLINE®, 12 bottles of 500 Ml of bioethanol gel Premium!

High bioethanol content (99%).

You are using a fireplace that is not fixed? Or simply you are concerned that your children o your pet can turn your chimney? Than the Liq12B is for you.

Indeed, the gel is a very interesting product within the safety of your fireplace. In case of repayment, the liquid he repents rapdiement, freezing it remains compact and is spreading very slowly.

It should be noted however that the PURLINE® fireplaces are equipped with anti-turn safety.

The bioethanol is for your fireplace what gasoline or diesel are for your car. As such, there are standards, but there are also many pitfalls. Have you wondered why in France the same liter of petrol can vary by 25% from one station to another? But is that really the same quality of gasoline? 

Be attentively, because 99.9% of the problems of functioning and safety of bioethanol fireplaces are due to fuel yo are using.


In bioethanol, the certain thing is that the standard 2005: 2009, which governs the production of bioethanol leaves space for a variety of impressive quality, but beware, there goes your safety.

In this jungle of offers, it is not easy to navigate, but a poor fuel quality can be  detected very easily.


One of the problems is the famous standard, the producers know how to play amalgams.

The standard specifies that in the production of fuel the  bioethanol used to compose the  fuel must be 96% pure. 

This does not mean that the final fuel must consist of 96% of Bioethanol, you see the difference? 

For example,  1 liter of fuel may be composed as follows: 

Bioethanol 70% (96% pure oh yeah here is the scam!)

25% water (that's cheaper!)

3% isopropanol.

2% acetone. 

For example, with this composition rather rependue and not very expensive, you have three effects that abuse the benefits of the fuel:

- The flame is not storng, due to the fact that there is too much water, it will be small and you lose a maximum heat output.

- You will have residues in your chimney burner, late the colour of  your flame will be red.

- The odor of this outbreak will be strong because acetone releases a very particular and aggressive smell. 

As you understand, according to the proportion of water, ethanol or other additives the effects will be different. 

So the first question to ask when buying fuel is how pure bioethanol is there?

Below 98% bioethanol, we do not recommend the product, knowing that you already have in these 98% "only" 96% pure bioethanol. 

Banish the product with acetone, and accept only 1-2% of isopropanol, otherwise you will have side effects that will play on the comfort and efficiency of your fireplace bio ethanol.

Finally for detect the water content, see how flame speed goes up, the flame of the very good bioethanol will be in 30 seconds at its highest point. 

Pur PURLINE®, it is inconceivable to sacrifice quality for the price, in addition, knowing that the Bioethanol is the most important element for your chimney, for your safety, but also your comfort and the power of your fireplace. 

Finally PURLINE products are among the best on the market and because they are composed of 99% bioethanol and 1% Isopropanol or additives like fragrances. 

These fuels provide you mounted your quick flame, a rapid start, no need to wait 15 minutes for the alcohol evaporates when it is at this level of purity, light up your fireplace right.

Be careful though between two soaring, made sure  to not load your burner if it is hot.

The Bioethanol Purline, emits no odor and does not leave deposits in your tank, ensuring a pure flame for all future outbreaks. 

As you can see, there are bio ethanol and bioethanol, is like that of PURLINE its almost PURE brand! 

Characteristics : 

- Optimum quality Combustion generates no smoke, no smell, emits only humidity and CO² in trace amounts, the substance which are already in the air we breathe. 

- Optimum Yield. 

- Few used daily in the fireplace you have at home. 

- Due to its vegetable origin, it is a fuel that respects the environment. 

- The bottles of one liter format makes it easy and safe to use. 

- Box 12 bottles of 1 liter.

- Frangrence Cinnamon, very soft which does not saturate the ambient air. 

- Probably one of the only heating system that does not dry the air, but can even moisten.

- Made in Spain.



Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames or hot surfaces.

Use of electrical equipment, ventilation and explosion proof lighting.

Wear protective gloves, protective clothing and protective gear for your eyes and face.

IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses and continue flushing.

If eye irritation persists: consult a doctor.

Store in a well ventilated area. Keep container closed tightly.


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Bioethanol Gel12B by PURLINE®, 12 bottles of 500 Ml of bioethanol gel Premium!

Bioethanol Gel12B by PURLINE®, 12 bottles of 500 Ml of bioethanol gel Premium!

Bioethanol Gel12B by PURLINE®, 12 bottles of 500 Ml of bioethanol gel Premium!

High bioethanol content (99%).

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